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CLtL2: LaTeX Sources to Guy Steele's "Common Lisp the Language, 2e"

This directory contains the TeX sources to "Common Lisp the Language", 2nd edition by Guy L. Steele, Thinking Machines, Inc. Digital Press 1990 paperbound 1029 pages ISBN 1-55558-041-6 $39.95 [We've placed the LaTeX sources in cltl_src.tgz, DVI and PostScript versions latexed by Brent Benson in cltl_ps.tgz and cltl_dvi.tgz, and tips by Geir Ertzaas on producing the DVI/PS versions in tips.tgz. Also, the Digital Press catalog appears in dp_cat.tgz. A html version of the sources appears as cltl_ht.tgz.] We are very grateful to Butterworth-Heinemann, owners of Digital Press, for allowing us to make the full text of this important reference work widely available in electronic format. The paperbound version is of course readily available at fine bookstores, or contact them directly: Digital Press 225 Wildwood St. Woburn, MA 01801 Tel: 800-366-2665 (USA) or 617-928-2527 Fax: 800-446-6520 (USA) or 617-933-6333 For a catalog of other fine books from Digital Press, please see the enclosed files in the Digital-Press directory. Please include the README file and the DP catalog with any distributed electronic copies of "Common Lisp the Language". BOOK DESCRIPTION In this greatly expanded edition of the defacto standard, you'll learn about the nearly 200 changes already made since original publication - and find out about gray areas likely to be revised later. Written by the Vice-Chairman of X3J13 (the ANSI committee responsible for the standardization of Common Lisp) and co-developer of the language itself, the new edition contains the entire text of the first edition plus six completely new chapters. They cover: * CLOS, the Common Lisp Object System, with new features to support function overloading and object-oriented programming, plus complete technical specifications * Loops, a powerful control structure for multiple variables * Conditions, a generalization of the error signaling mechanism * Series and generators * Plus other subjects not part of the ANSI standards but of interest to professional programmers. Throughout, you'll find fresh examples, additional clarifications, warnings, and tips - all presented with the author's customary vigor and wit. ------ Digital Press is a trademark of Digital Equipment Corporation, used under license to Butterworth-Heinemann.
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   as the file CLTL.tar.gz dvi-ps/* and tips/*

Copying: Free electronic use, copying, distribution, provided the README file and the Digital Press catalog are included with any distributed electronic copies of the book. Updated: Thu Dec 15 17:18:06 1994 CD-ROM: Author(s): Guy Steele Contact: Steve Strassmann for questions about the electronic distribution. Geir Ertzaas about the patches for LaTeXing the sources. about the dvi and ps versions prepared from the sources. Keywords: Authors!Steele, Bibliographies, Books!Lisp, CLtL2, Lisp!Bibliographies, Lisp!Documents References: ?
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