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PSGRAPH: PostScript DAG Grapher

The PSGrapher is a set of Lisp routines that can be called to produce PostScript commands to display a directed acyclic graph. It uses the same basic algorithm as the ISI Grapher. It is slower than the ISI grapher, but produces much prettier output than using Xdump to copy an ISI Grapher screen image to a PostScript printer. It also allows arbitrary information to be displayed with a node, and can print as many output pages as are necessary to accommodate large graphs (subject to PostScript printer limits, typically one or two thousand nodes). The PSgrapher is small enough and easy enough to use to be included in other systems without pain.

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Version: Jan-92 Ports: Should work in any valid Common Lisp. Tested in CMU CL, Lucid CL, and Allegro CL. Copying: It is free and not copyrighted. CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Author(s): Joseph Bates Keywords: Authors!Bates, CMU, DAG Grapher, Graphers, Lisp!Tools, PSGRAPH, PostScript Graphs References: See psgraph.doc.
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