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MCL2ACL: Code for translating MCL to ACL/PC.

MCLACLPC is an emulation in ACL/PC 1.0 or ACL/PC 2.0 beta of the MCL toolbox routines for windows and dialog-items. The emulation does not include all possible routines, but should be useful to anybody porting code from MCL to ACL.
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Version: 2.0 (20-OCT-94) Requires: Allegro Common Lisp/PC Updated: Thu Oct 20 18:38:54 1994 CD-ROM: ? Author(s): Karsten A. Poeck Lehrstuhl fuer Informatik VI Universitaet Wuerzburg Allesgrundweg 12 97218 Gerbrunn Germany Tel: ++ 49 931-70561-18 Fax: ++ 49 931-70561-20 Keywords: Authors!Poeck, Dialog Items, Lisp!Syntax, MCL to ACL/PC, Porting Lisp, Windows Contains: mcl2acl2.tgz Gzipped tar file of the same. mcl2acl2.sea Stuffit self extracting archive of the same Info-Zip format archive of the MCL Emulation in ACL/Windows References: ?
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