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PNODE and GNODE: Formatting of Parse Trees for Display

This directory contains two programs for formatting parse trees for display. The first is a simple portable tree indenter designed for natural language parse trees. It includes primitive facilities for printing subscripts, and is smart about breaking up long lines, such as formatting (s (np (det The) (noun cat)) (vp (verb chased) (np (det the) (noun mouse)))) as (s (np (det The) (noun cat)) (vp (verb chased) (np (det the) (noun mouse)))) The second is a Macintosh Common Lisp program that draws parse trees in two dimensions, each tree in its own window. The code uses MCL extensions to Common Lisp to create windows and draw graphics in them. (The result looks something like the example below, but with real graphics and in a real window, of course, not as ASCII art). The code supports all sorts of nifty features like sub- and superscripts at left and right, boldface and italics, different line shapes, weights, and fills, arbitrary connections between nodes, and more. =[]========The cat chased the mouse============ | | | s | | / \ | | / \ | | / \ | | np vp | | / \ / \ | | / \ / \ | | det noun verb np | | | | | | \ | | The cat chased | \ | | det noun | | | | | | the mouse | | | |_____________________________________________|
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Copying: Copyright (c) 1986-92 MIT. Use for non-profit purposes and distribution permitted, provided the copyright notice is retained intact. CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Author(s): Sue Felshin MIT Laboratory for Advanced Technology in the Humanities (formerly the MIT Athena Language Learning Project) Room 20B-231, MIT Tel: 617-253-6099 Keywords: Authors!Felshin, GNODE, Graphics, Lisp!Parsing, MIT, PNODE, Parse Trees References: ?
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