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SERIES: Common Lisp looping macro package

The benefits of programming in a functional style are well known. In particular, algorithms that are expressed as compositions of functions operating on series/vectors/streams of data elements are much easier to understand and modify than equivalent algorithms expressed as loops. Unfortunately, many programmers hesitate to use series expressions. In part, this is due to the fact that series expressions are typically implemented very inefficiently. The Common Lisp Series macro package evaluates a wide class of series expressions very efficiently by transforming them into iterative loops. When using this class of series expressions, programmers can obtain the advantages of expressing computations as series expressions without incurring any run-time overhead.
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      s-code.lisp, s-test.lisp, s-doc.txt

Version: November 26, 1991 Ports: Symbolics Genera 8, Lucid CL 3.0.2, MACL, LispWorks. Easily ported to any valid Common Lisp. Copying: Copyright MIT, with free use, copying, and distribution. Updated: 2/17/93 CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Bug Reports: See contact. Mailing List: none Author(s): Dick Waters Contact: Dr. Richard C. Waters Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories 201 Broadway Cambridge MA 02139 617-621-7508 EMAIL Keywords: Authors!Waters, Iteration!Series, Language Constructs, Lisp!Iteration, SERIES, Sequences, Streams, Vectors Contains: s-doc.txt ; Brief documentation is in the file s-test.lisp ; Test cases to check the code on a new Lisp s-code.lisp ; Code for series References: Waters R.C., ``Series'', in Common Lisp: the Language, Second Edition, 923--955, Steele G.L. Jr., Digital Press, Burlington MA, 1990. Waters R.C., ``Automatic Transformation of Series Expressions into Loops'', ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems, 13(1):52--98, January 1991.
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