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Iterate: An iteration macro for Lisp.

Iterate is Jonathan Amsterdam's alternative to SERIES and the LOOP macro. It provides a superset of LOOP's features in a much more pleasant, Lisp-like syntax. Iterate is also extensible, has better support for nested loops, and generates inline code.
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      README, aimemo.sty, iter-man.tex, iterate-bare.tex,

Version: 1.2, 7/26/91 Ports: Any valid Common Lisp, including Symbolics, Lucid, Allegro. Copying: Copyright 1989 Jonathan Amsterdam, with free use, copying, modification, and distribution. Updated: 8/27/93 CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Bug Reports: Mailing List: Author(s): Jonathan Amsterdam Contact: Jonathan Amsterdam , Keywords: Authors!Amsterdam, Iterate, Iteration!Iterate, Lisp!Iteration Contains: doc/aimemo.sty ; used by iter-man.tex doc/iter-man.tex ; the iterate manual (Latex) doc/iterate-bare.tex ; a brief "advertisement" for iterate (Latex) iterate-1.2.lisp ; source code for iterate References: Jonathan Amsterdam, ``The Iterate Manual,'' MIT AI Lab Memo #1236, MIT, Cambridge, MA, 1991.
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