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English to Phoneme Translation

This directory contains a classic implementation of letter to phoneme rules by the Naval Research Laboratory.
Origin: []
   as the file english2phoneme.shar

Version: 15-APR-85 Copying: Public Domain CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Author(s): John A. Wasser Digital Equipment Corp. Mail stop: LJO2/E4 30 Porter Rd Littleton, MA 01460 Tel: 617-486-2505 Usenet: {allegra,Shasta,decvax}!decwrl!dec-rhea!dec-viking!wasser Keywords: Authors!Wasser, DEC, Leter to Sound Rules, Public Domain, Speech Synthesis Contains: saynum.c Say a cardinal or ordinal number (long int). spellwor.c Spell an ASCII character or word. parse.c Split a file into words. phoneme.c Translate a single word. english.c Translation rules. References: ?
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