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Archives for the comp.speech newsgroup

This directory contains archives for the comp.speech newsgroup. The new articles are archived once a week, in a gzipped tar file of the form YY_MM_DD.tgz, where YY, MM, and DD are replaced with the year, month, and day, respectively. Most archiving began with 94_09_14.tgz, which includes articles since 23-JUL-94. Archives from 1992-1994 were obtained from the archive.
   is the home ftp site for these archives.
   comp.speech is also independently archived on   []

Version: 23-JUL-94 to present Updated: Tue Sep 20 15:58:22 1994 CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Keywords: AI Newsgroup Archives, News Archives, Speech Recognition, Speech Synthesis, comp.speech@{{\tt comp.speech}} Contains: ? References: ?
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