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Speech Recognition and Synthesis Information Files

This directory contains several notes about speech recognition and speech synthesis, including mac_talk.txt List of Macintosh Speech Manager/MacInTalk Pro/PlainTalk aware applications, 4e. By Joe Campbell (13-SEP-93). audiofmt.tgz Audio File Formats FAQ 3.08 (22-FEB-94). By Guido van Rossum .{1,2} [] ldc.tar Information about the Linguistic Data Consortium [] Elizabeth Hodas celp_com.txt Information about CVI's commercial implementation of CELP voice compression. csre.txt Information about CSRE's speech analysis and synthesis software. diy_sr.txt How to do Simple Speech Recognition htk.txt Information about the HTK speech recognition system. dragon.txt Information about IBM VoiceType. icassp94.tgz Information about the ICASSP94 cdrom. hcrc_map.txt Information bout the HCRC's map task corpus. trillium.txt Information about Trillium Sound Research's text to speech kits for the NeXT. patents.txt Speech patents 1992-93 phon_dat.txt Information about PhonDat, a large database of spoken German. qualix.txt Information about Qualix Group and Agog, Inc.'s SayIt voice recognition product for the Sparc. products.txt A list of speech recognition products. synth.txt Information about speech synthesis software. tidigits.txt Information about the TI DIGITS database on CD-ROM. fonetiks.txt Information about the foNETiks mailing list.
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   Speech recognition and synthesis materials, including
   the articles from the comp.speech newsgroup, are
   archived on []

CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Keywords: Apple Speech Manager, Audio File Formats, CELP, LDC, Linguistic Data Consortium, MacInTalk, Patents, Speech Recognition!Documentation, Speech Synthesis!Documentation References: ?
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