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PC Robots: Graphical, Multilanguage Crobots Game

This directory contains PCROBOTS, a graphical, multilanguage crobots game. It is an adaptation of Tom Poindexter's CROBOTS, but with more features and allowing for more intelligent robots. It isn't limited to any particular language, with C, Pascal, Compiled Basic, and 8086 Assembler implementations. The only limitation is it must (currently) be run on an IBM PC compatible.

Version: 1.3 (1-NOV-92) Requires: Pascal, Basic, C++ Ports: IBM PC CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Author(s): P. D. Smith (preferred address) or or <> Keywords: Authors!Smith, Basic!Code, C!Code, C++!Code, Crobots, Game Playing!Robotics, PCROBOTS, Pascal!Code, Robotics References: Documentation is included in the distribution.
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