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BPS: Code from "Building Problem Solvers"

This directory contains the truth maintenance system and problem solver implementations described in the book "Building Problem Solvers" by Ken Forbus and Johan de Kleer.

Version: 102493 Requires: Common Lisp Ports: Symbolics CL, Lucid CL, Franz Allegro CL, KCL, MCL, Allegro CL/PC. Copying: Copyright (c) 1986-1992 Kenneth D. Forbus, Johan de Kleer and Xerox Corporation. Use, copying, modification, and distribution permitted. (See PERMIT.TXT for details.) CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Bug Reports: Author(s): Ken Forbus Johan de Kleer Keywords: ATMS, Assumption-Based TMS, Authors!Forbus, Authors!de Kleer, BPS, CPS, Constraint Languages, GDE, General Diagnostic Engine, Inference, JTMS, Justification-Based TMS, Lisp!Code, Logic-Based LTMS, Pattern-Directed Inference, Pattern-Directed Inference, Planning, Qualitative Process Theory, Reasoning!Truth Maintenance, Search Engine, TCON, TGIZMO, TMS, Truth Maintenance References: Kenneth D. Forbus and Johan de Kleer, "Building Problem Solvers", MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 1993. 700 pages, ISBN 0-262-06157-0 ($49.95).
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