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MULTAGNT: Prolog simulation of multi-agent tutoring.

MULTAGNT is a simulation of error detection and identification in a small tutoring setting, consisting of a Teacher and a Learner. The objective of MULTAGNT is to show, how through meta-logical knowledge the Teacher can detect and identify deficiencies in the Learner's knowledge. The meta-logical knowledge used consists of predicates: - can_do, for determining what a theory of an agent can prove - cannot_do, for determining what a theory of an agent cannot prove - demo_trace_2, for determining the erroneous clause in an agent's theory which are used by an agent (usually the Teacher) to judge the knowledge of another agent (referred-to as Learner). Agent's are represented by sets of theories, where a theory is a set of clauses. In this setting the Teacher's knowledge is assumed to be correct. Thus, it can be used as reference knowledge, for generating question posed to the Learner and to judge the knowledge of the Learner.
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Version: 21-AUG-93 CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Author(s): Thomas Hoppe, Technical University of Berlin Yiu Cheung Ho, King's College London. Keywords: Authors!Ho, Authors!Hoppe, Meta Reasoning, Multi-Agent Tutoring, Prolog!Code, Reasoning!Meta Reasoning References: ?
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