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NATHAN (Spec13): Argues defeasibly in first-order logic.

Nathan (specs1-13) is a relatively fast implementation of a defeasible reasoner with specificity. It uses arguments of the kind described in [1,2] and its specificity comparator (LMNOP) is described in [3] which is a modification of the criterion of Poole. It solves all basic benchmark problems to the author's satisfaction. Its limitations in planning applications are due to the limits of its underlying resolution-refutation linear-input set-of-support theorem-prover for FOL. It includes a predicate for unique names. It includes a perl preprocessor for extracting rules from cases.

   Email from R. Loui.

Version: 19-FEB-94 Requires: C Copying: Copyright (c) 1994 by R. Loui. Use, copying, and distribution permitted, provided that NATHAN (and derivatives) are not included in a commercial product. CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Mailing List: None Author(s): R. Loui, A. Costello, A. Merrill Contact: Dr. R. P. Loui Dept. of Computer Science Washington University St. Louis, MO 63130 Tel: 314-935-6102 Keywords: Argument, Authors!Costello, Authors!Loui, Authors!Merrill, C!Code, Defeasible Reasoning, Dialectic, Inheritance, NATHAN, Nonmonotonic Reasoning, Planning, Reasoning!Defeasible Reasoning, Reasoning!Nonmonotonic Reasoning, Specificity References: A user's manual and typescript may be found at the top of the source code. Other relevant references include: [1] Loui, R. P., "A system of defeasible inference", COMPUTATIONAL INTELLIGENCE 3, 1987. [2] Simari, G.R., and Loui, R.P., "Mathematics of defeasible reasoning", ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE 53, 1992. [3] R.P. Loui, J. Norman, Andrew Merrill, J. Olson, Q. Stiefvater, and Adam M. Costello, "Computing specificity", Washington University CS Technical Report 93-03, 1993.
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