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FT: Theorem Prover for Intuitionistic Predicate Logic

This directory contains FT, a theorem prover for intuitionistic predicate logic.

Version: C 1.23 (27-JAN-92); Prolog 1.0 (29-MAR-89) Requires: C, Prolog Ports: The Prolog version runs in SICStus (of course) and Quintus Prologs. Copying: Use and modification permitted. CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Contact: Torkel Franzen SICS Box 1263 S-164 28 Kista Sweden Keywords: Authors!Franzen, Authors!Haridi, Authors!Sahlin, Automated Reasoning, FT, Intuitionistic Predicate Logic, Reasoning!Automated Reasoning, SICS, Theorem Proving References: Sahlin, Franzen, and Haridi, "An Intuitionistic Predicate Logic Theorem Prover", SICS report. Journal of Logic and Computation.
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