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Tom: C implementation of the Tomita parsing algorithm

This directory contains Tom, a C implementation of the Tomita parsing algorithm. The software constructs LR(0) parsing tables for arbitrary context free grammars, which you specify. It then processes any input you give it and displays the resulting parse forest and optionally the parse stack as well. The parse tables are also shown, if you requests it, since reference is made to them in the parse stack. One difference between this and Tomita's original algorithm is this algorithm has been modified into a dynamic programming algorithm, capable of handling all CFG's including cyclic grammars.

Version: 23-MAY-93 Requires: ANSI C Copying: No licensing or copyright restrictions. CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Author(s): Mark Hopkins Mark Hopkins Consulting 2619 North Oakland Avenue, Suite 204 Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53211-3523 Tel: 414-332-8857 Keywords: Authors!Hopkins, C!Code, LR(0) Parser Generator, NLP, Parsing, Tom, Tomita Parser References:
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