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SAX: Syntactic Analyzing Program

SAX (Sequential Analyzer for syntaX and semantics) is a syntactic analyzer based on logic programming. SAX employs a bottom-up and breadth-first parsing algorithm. The SAX grammar rules are basically written in Definite Clause Grammar (DCG). The SAX grammar rules are translated into a parsing program written in Prolog.

Requires: SICStus Prolog Ver 0.7 Copying: Copyright by ICOT, Japan. Free use, modification, copying and distribution. CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Keywords: Bottom-Up Parsing, DCG, Definite Clause Grammar, ICOT, NLP, Parsing, Prolog!Code, SAX References: Y. Matsumoto, A Parallel Parsing System for Natural Language Analysis, Proc. of 3rd International Conference on Logic Programming, 1986 Y. Matsumoto and R. Sugimura, A Parsing System Based on Logic Programming, In Proceedings of IJCAI 87, 1987. Y. Matsumoto and R. Sugimura, Grammar Description Language for the SAX Parsing System (In Japanese), 5th Conference Proceedings Japan Society for Software Science and Technology, A2-4, pp.78-80, 1988.
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