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PAPPI: A Principle-Based Parser

PAPPI is a Prolog-based natural language parser for theories in the Principles-and-Parameters framework. The PAPPI system includes: - An X-Window system-based user interface to the underlying Prolog-based parser. - A sample implementation of classic GB-theory, based on theory described in Lasnik and Uriagereka's textbook "A Course in GB Syntax". The implementation also includes sets of example sentences and sample parameterization for six languages. Currently, these are English, Japanese, Dutch, French, Spanish and German. (This software was recently demonstrated at COLING '94.) PAPPI is a parser that is designed to be a high-level research tool for experimenting with and learning about linguistic theory. This release represents just one possible instantiation within the Principles-and-Parameters framework. Users are encouraged to experiment with and modify the sample principles. The PAPPI system represents code written to support research work. It is still very much under development. Alternate theories (and more sophisticated parsing models) will be made publically available at a later stage. Upcoming releases may also support other platforms and may not need Quintus Prolog. This is free software developed at the NEC Research Institute, Inc., an institute for conducting long-term, fundamental research in computer and physical sciences. Comments and suggestions for improvement to the system will be gratefully accepted! The author would like to also hear from those interested in extending the system. The PAPPI project also welcomes unencumbered software contributions, including (but not limited to) support for additional languages, theory and debugging tools.

Version: 2.0f (4-NOV-94) Requires: Quintus Prolog 3.1.4 or 3.1.1 (June 1992) Sun Sparcstation with SunOS 4.1.3 or 5.3 (aka Solaris 2.3) Approx. 35MB of disk space (55-70MB to install) Copying: Copyright (c) 1992-94 by Sandiway Fong, NEC Research Institute, Inc. Free copying and distribution permitted. (See the readme.txt file for details.) Updated: Fri Oct 7 15:36:48 1994 CD-ROM: Mailing List: Send mail to the author to receive notifications about bug fixes and future versions. Author(s): Dr. Sandiway Fong NEC Research Institute, Inc. Princeton NJ 08540 USA Fax: (609) 951-2482 Keywords: Authors!Fong, Government and Binding Theory, NEC, NLP, PAPPI, Parsing, Principles and Parameters, Prolog!Code References: ?
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