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LINGER: Language INdependent Grammatical Error Reporter

This directory contains LINGER, a tool for grammar analysis of Western European languages. LINGER is a language-independent system to analyze natural language sentences and report and correct grammatical errors encountered. An important objective is that the system should be easily configured for a particular natural language by an expert in that language but not in computer science. This library contains two versions of Linger. The older one contains only a French grammar. The more recent also has German, Spanish, and English. Both versions were contributed by Paul O'Brien and Masoud Yazdani, and were written in Expert Systems International Prolog-2.
Origin: (
   as the file linger.tar.Z

Version: 1.1 (4-SEP-92) Requires: Prolog Copying: If you are using Linger, please send Masoud Yazdani an email message. CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Author(s): Masoud Yazdani Paul O'Brien Department Of Computer Science Exeter University Exeter, EX4 4PT Keywords: Authors!O'Brien, Authors!Yazdani, Grammar Checker, LINGER, NLP, Parsing, Prolog!Code References: ?
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