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Hdrug: Graphical User Environment for NLP in Prolog

Hdrug is an environment to develop logic grammars, parsers, and generators for natural languages. The package comes with a number of example grammars, including a Categorial Grammar, a Tree Adjoining Grammar, a Unification Grammar in the spirit of Head-driven Phrase Structure Grammar, an Extraposition Grammar and a Definite Clause Grammar. Each of the grammars comes with a set of parsers, such as Earley-like chart parsers, left-corner parsers and head-driven parsers. Some grammars come with variants of the head-driven generator. The package allows easy comparison of different parsers/generators, extensive possibilities of compiling feature equations into Prolog terms, graphical (Tk), LaTeX and ordinary Prolog output of trees, feature structures and Prolog terms, and plotted graphs and tables of statistical information. Example grammars, parsers, and generators include TA (the ALE 2.0 HPSG grammar, by Bob Carpenter and Gerald Penn), TL (a HPSG grammar for Dutch), TT (a small Tree Adjoining Grammar), TG (a small DCG for Dutch), TC (a Constraint-based Categorial Grammar for English), TD (a minimal DCG), and TX (an extraposition grammar).
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   as the file hdrug?.tar.gz, where ? is the version number.

Version: 2.0 (16-SEP-94) Requires: Sicstus Prolog, ProTcl 1.1 or higher, Tcl 7.3/Tk 3.6. Recommend getting TkSteal, BLT library 1.7, LaTeX/Xdvi, and Treemaker (TeX extension). Ports: The program has been tested for HP-UX 9000/710 730, Linux (1.0), and Sun. Copying: Copyright (c) 1991-1994 Gertjan van Noord and Gosse Bouma, University of Groningen (RUG) GNU GPL v2 (see readme.txt for details) The CBCG package is (c) 1993-1994 Gosse Bouma University of Groningen Use, copying, modification, and distribution permitted. Updated: Thu Oct 13 16:04:21 1994 CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Author(s): Gertjan van Noord Alfa-informatica and BCN University of Groningen (RUG) Postbus 716 NL 9700 AS Groningen Tel: +31 50 635935 Fax: +31 50 634900 URL: Keywords: Authors!van Noord, Feature Structures, Grammar, Hdrug, NLG, NLP, Parsing, ProTcl, Prolog!Code References: Gertjan van Noord and Gosse Bouma, "Adjuncts and the Processing of Lexical Rules", Coling 94. Gertjan van Noord, "Head Corner Parsing for TAG", Computational Intelligence, 1993. Gertjan van Noord, "An overview of head-driven bottom-up generation", in Current Research in Natural Language Generation, Robert Dale, Chris Mellish, and Michael Zock, editors, Academic Press, 1990. Gosse Bouma and Gertjan van Noord, "Head-driven Parsing for Lexicalist Grammars: Experimental Results", EACL93, Utrecht, 1993. Gosse Bouma and Gertjan van Noord, "Constraint-based Categorial Grammar", ACL 94, 1994. Fernando C.N. Pereira, "Extraposition Grammars", Computational Linguistics 7(4), 1981.
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