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PC Kimmo: Two-Level Processor for Morphological Analysis

PC-Kimmo is a new implementation of a program dubbed KIMMO after its inventor Kimmo Koskenniemi (see Koskenniemi 1983). The program is designed to generate (produce) and/or recognize (parse) words using a two-level model of word structure in which a word is represented as a correspondence between its lexical level form and its surface level form. PC-Kimmo includes descriptions for English, Finnish, Japanese, Hebrew, Kasem, Tagalog, and Turkish.
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Version: 1.0.8 (18-FEB-92) Requires: C Ports: Unix (SysV, BSD), DOS, Macintosh Copying: Copyright (c) 1990-92 by the Summer Institute of Linguistics, Inc. The PC-KIMMO executable program and the source code library are copyrighted but are made freely available to the general public under the condition that they not be resold or used for commercial purposes. CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Author(s): Evan L. Antworth Summer Institute of Linguistics Academic Computing Department PC-KIMMO Project 7500 W. Camp Wisdom Road Dallas, TX 75236 U.S.A. Tel: 214-709-2418 Fax: 214-709-3387 Keywords: Authors!Antworth, C!Code, KIMMO, Morphology, NLP, PC-Kimmo References: Antworth, Evan L., "PC-KIMMO: A two-level processor for morphological analysis", Occasional Publications in Academic Computing No. 16, Summer Institute of Linguistics, Dallas, TX, 1990. 273 pages, ISBN 0-88312-639-7 paperbound ($24.00). Antworth, Evan L., "Glossing text with the PC-KIMMO morphological parser", Computers and the Humanities 26:475-484, 1993. Karttunen, Lauri, "KIMMO: A general morphological processor" Texas Linguistic Forum 22:163-186, 1983. Koskenniemi, Kimmo. "Two-level morphology: A general computational model for word-form recognition and production", Publication No. 11, University of Helsinki, Department of General Linguistics, 1983. Miles, Nathan L., "Automatic generation of two-level FSM tables", M.A. thesis, Ohio State University, 1991. [Description of the KGEN rule compiler.] Sproat, Richard, Review of "PC-KIMMO: A two-level processor for morphological analysis" by Evan L. Antworth, Computational Linguistics 17(2):229-231, 1991.
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