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Miscellaneous Natural Language Processing Software


   alvey/     ANLT: Information about the Alvey NL Tools
   babbler/   BABBLER: Simple Markov chain language 
   cg/        Conceptual Graph Tools
   conc/      CONC: Program for producing concordances of 
   foggy/     Foggy: Pseudotext Generator
   gramtsy/   GRAMTSY: GRAMmatical Transformational SYstem
   hum/       HUM: Concordance and textual analysis package
   itp/       ITP: Interlinear Text Processor
   ldbdemo/   LDB: Demo version of the Linguistic DataBase 
   lq_text/   LQ-Text: Text Retrieval Package
   maclex/    MacLex: Create and Maintain a Lexicon
   rook/      ROOK: Grammar writing
   sh/        SHOEBOX: Database program for linguists.
   synoname/  SYNONAME: Matches different versions of personal 
   verbal/    Verbalist: Demonstration of inflectional forms of 
              English verbs
   wlist/     WLIST: Language-independent word frequency and 
              word length counter
   wordsurv/  WORDSURV: Analyzing word lists collected in a 
              language survey.
This directory contains miscellaneous natural language processing software and related materials.
CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Keywords: NLP
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