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OTA: Wordlists by Subject

This directory contains a large collection of public domain word lists organized by subject. The intention is for use in eliminating easy-to-guess passwords; there's no guarantee that all the words are spelled correctly. The word lists include: Australian Chinese (only a list of the HanYu PinYin) Computer (various stuff including common passwords, domains, ...) Danish Dutch Finnish French German Italian Japanese (List of words in Romaji -- see edictj) Literature (including various authors and genre) Movies&TV (including Monty Python and Star Trek word lists) Names (includes names in a number of languages and others) Norwegian Place Names (including colleges, wordl factbook, zip codes, ...) Random (includes various random sorts of word lists) Religion (includes Q'ran and King James Bible word lists) Science (includes asteroids and biology lists) Spanish Swedish Yiddish
   (Mirrored from the Oxford Text Archive.)

Version: 13-JUL-92 Copying: Public Domain CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Contact: Paul Leyland Henk Smit Keywords: Authors!Klein, Authors!Leyland, Authors!Smit, Corpora, Dictionaries!Australian, Dictionaries!Chinese, Dictionaries!Danish, Dictionaries!Dutch, Dictionaries!Finnish, Dictionaries!French, Dictionaries!German, Dictionaries!Italian, Dictionaries!Japanese, Dictionaries!Norwegian, Dictionaries!Spanish, Dictionaries!Swedish, Dictionaries!Yiddish, NLP, OTA References: ?
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