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Bench: CMU Neural Networks Benchmark Collection

This directory contains the CMU Neural Networks Benchmark Collection. All the benchmark data sets are in a standardized format. The data sets include the NETtalk data, speaker-independent recognition of vowels, N-input parity, prediction of secondary structure of proteins, classification of sonar signals, distinction of a twin spiral pattern, and the traditional XOR task.
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CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Author(s): Matt White (maintainer) Terry Sejnowski and Charles Rosenberg (NETtalk) Terry Sejnowski and Ning Qian (Protein) Terry Sejnowski and R. Paul Gorman (Sonar, Mines vs Rocks) Alexis Wieland of MITRE (Two Spirals) David Deterding, Mahesan Niranjan, and Tony Robinson (Vowels) Contact: Keywords: Authors!Deterding, Authors!Gorman, Authors!Niranjan, Authors!Qian, Authors!Robinson, Authors!Rosenberg, Authors!Sejnowski, Authors!White, Authors!Wieland, Benchmarks, CMU, Classification, Machine Learning!Benchmarks, N-Input Parity, NETtalk, Neural Networks!Benchmarks, Protein Structure, Sonar Signals, Speech Recognition, Twin Spiral Patterns, Vowels, XOR References: ?
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