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SymbMath: Symbolic Calculator with Learning

SymbMath (Symbolic Mathematics) is a computer algebra system that can perform exact numeric, symbolic and graphic computation. SymbMath can provide analytical and numeric answers for: - Differentiation: regular or higher order, partial or total, mixed and implicit differentiation, one-sided derivatives. - Integration: indefinite or definite integration, multiple integration, infinity as a bound, parametric or iterated integration, line or surface integrals, discontinuous or implicit integration. - Solution of equations: roots of a polynomial, systems of algebraic or differential equations. - Manipulation of expressions: simplification, factoring or expansion, substitution, evaluation. - Calculation: exact and floating-point numeric computation of integer, rational, real and complex numbers in the range from minus to plus infinity, even with different units. - Limits: real, complex or one-sided limits, indeterminate forms. - Complex: calculation, functions, derivatives, integration. - Sum and product: partial, finite or infinite. - Others: series, lists, arrays, vectors, matrices, tables, etc. Also included are: - Plot: functions, polar, parametric, data, and list. - Draw: lines, arcs, ellipse, circles, ovals. - Auto-loaded library in the source code. - Pull-down and pop-up menus, resizable and colorable windows. - On-line help, and on-line manual. - Procedural, conditional, iterational, recursive, functional, rule-based, logic, pattern-matching and graphic programming. - Database searching.

Version: 3.1a Requires: IBM PC Copying: SymbMath comes in three versions: Shareware, Student, and Advanced. The Shareware version is available by anonymous ftp; the others are available from the author. CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Author(s): Dr. Weiguang Huang or Dept. Analytical Chemistry University of New South Wales, Kensington, Sydney, NSW 2033, Australia Tel: 61 (0)2-385-4643 Fax: 61 (0)2-662-2835 Keywords: Authors!Huang, Differentiation, Expression Simplification, Factoring, Integration, Math, Miscellaneous AI, Roots of a Polynomial, Shareware, SymbMath, Symbolic Mathematics References: ?
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