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KL-ONE Family of Knowledge Representation Systems


   back/      BACK: Berlin Advanced Computational Knowledge 
              Representation System
   cec/       CEC: Conditional Equational Completion
   dp/        DP: Solving Propositional Satisfiability Problems
   motel/     MOTEL: Modal KL-ONE
This directory contains the KL-ONE family of knowledge representation systems.
References: Ronald J. Brachman and James G. Schmolze, "An overview of the KL-ONE knowledge representation system", Cognitive Science, 9:171-216, 1985. James G. Schmolze and William A. Woods, "The KL-ONE Family", in F. Lehmann, editor, Semantic Networks in Artificial Intelligence, Pergamon Press, 1992. [History of description logics (KL-ONE style systems).] Bernhard Nebel and Gert Smolka, "Attributive Description Formalisms ... and the Rest of the World", in Otthein Herzog and Claus-Rainer Rollinger, editors, Text Understanding in LILOG, Springer Verlag, Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence #546, pages 439-452, 1991. [Theoretical results in the area of description logics.] CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Keywords: KL-ONE, Knowledge Representation
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