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METAGAME: Game-playing workbench

METAGAME is a game-playing workbench for developing and playing metagame programs. It includes a generator for symmetric chess-like games; definitions of chess, checkers, chinese chess, shogi, lose chess, lose checkers, french checkers, and tic tac toe translated into symmetric chess-like games; a legal move generator; and a variety of player programs, from simple through sophisticated.
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Version: 3a Requires: Quintus or Sicstus Prolog CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Author(s): Barney Pell Computer Laboratory University of Cambridge New Museum Site Pembroke Street Cambridge CB2 3QG England Tel: (44)(0)223 334602 Fax: (44)(0)223 334678 Keywords: Authors!Pell, Checkers, Chess, Chinese Chess, Game Playing, MetaGame Workbench, Prolog!Code, Shogi, Tic-Tac-Toe References: All TR's are Technical Reports from the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory. Hardcopy versions can be requested by mail to Metagame: [] Metagame: A New Challenge for Games and Learning (TR 276). [] Metagame in Symmetric Chess-Like Games (TR 277) [] Logic Programming for General Game-Playing (TR 302) [] A Strategic Metagame Player for General Chess-Like Games [] Strategy Generation and Evaluation for Meta-Game Playing (PhD thesis) Go: [] Exploratory Learning in the Game of GO (TR 275) Bridge: [] Pragmatic Reasoning in Bridge (TR 299)
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