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NEFCON: InterViews-based graphical simulation environment for Neural Fuzzy Controllers

NEFCON-I (NEural Fuzzy CONtroller) is an X11 simulation environment based on Interviews designed to build and test neural fuzzy controllers. NEFCON-I is able to learn fuzzy sets and fuzzy rules by using a kind of reinforcement learning that is driven by a fuzzy error measure. To do this NEFCON-I communicates with another process, that implements a simulation of a dynamical process. NEFCON-I can optimize the fuzzy sets of the antecedents and the conclusions of a given rule base, and it can also create a rulebase from scratch.
Origin: []
   as the file nefcon_1.0.tar.gz

Version: 1.0 (16-JUN-94) Copying: GNU GPL v2 If you are using NEFCON-I, please send an email message to the authors so that they can keep track of users. They will keep you informed about updates to the software. CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Author(s): Detlef Nauck Keywords: Authors!Nauck, Fuzzy Logic!Controllers, GNU GPL, NEFCON, Neural Networks References: ?
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