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fuzzyTECH: Demo of a Fuzzy Shell

This directory contains a demonstration version of a fuzzy shell (Schlssel zur Fuzzy-Technologie) developed in Germany by Zimmermann and von Altrock's company. It runs under plain DOS with its own graphical interface. The (short) manual and the bibliography are both in German, but the program itself uses English.

   FTP repositories for fuzzy logic include []

Version: 26-SEP-91 Requires: DOS CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Contact: The developer's address is INFORM GmbH Geschaeftsbereich Fuzzy-Technologien Pascalstr. 23 5100 Aachen Germany Tel: 049-2408-6091 Fax: 049-2408-6090 Keywords: Demo Version, Fuzzy Logic, fuzzyTECH Demo References: ?
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