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FIDE Demo: Fuzzy Inference Development Environment

Fide is a PC based fuzzy logic design tool that runs under Windows. Fide provides tools for the development, debugging and simulation of fuzzy applications. This software package contains a demonstration version of Fide Version 2.0. It is operational only with the included examples, with the following restrictions: You cannot save files, use the Fide Compiler, use the Real Time Code (RTC) generator, or use the Make functions of the Composer application. Sample RTC output file for the supported Motorola micro-controller chips have been included. The fully functional version of FIDE may be purchased from Aptronix (see Contact below) and includes a graphical membership function editor, a rule matrix editor, a "Tracer" tool to trace inference unit output back to the contributing rules, a tool for the graphical depiction of the inference unit transfer function, and a signal generator for driving the inference unit. It can also generate ANSI C, Matlab script, and Assembly code for the MC6805, MC6808, MC68HC05, MC68HC11, MC68HC16, and MC68HC33x Motorola micro controller chips. Fide also has a Composer tool where the inference unit may be integrated into a block diagram of the complete system for further debugging and development. See the INFO file for more information and installation instructions.

   Taylor Anderson 

Version: 2.0 Demo (27-JAN-94) Requires: IBM PC (386 or higher) with MS Windows (3.0 or higher) or OS/2. Dos 3.3 or higher, 5mb disk, 4mb RAM. Copying: Copyright (c) 1991-1994, Aptronix, Inc. Use, copying, and distribution permitted, provided all the files are distributed together. CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Contact: Aptronix, Inc. 2150 North First Street, Suite 300 San Jose, CA 95131, USA Tel: 408-428-1888 Fax: 408-428-1884 BBS: 408-428-1883 (N/8/1, 2400-14400) Keywords: Aptronix, Demo Version, FIDE Demo, Fuzzy Logic References: ?
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