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CNCL: C++ Classes for Fuzzy Logic

This directory contains CNCL (Communication Networks Class Library), a C++ library for fuzzy logic, event driven simulation, statistical evaluation, and random number generators. It includes interface classes for DEC's ezd graphics server and the Communication Networks' gist graphics server.
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Version: 0.22 (22-JUL-94); 0.19 (8-FEB-94) Requires: perl, C++ Ports: Known to compile and run on Sparc, Sun3, and LINUX. Linux binaries are included. Copying: Copyright (c) 1992-93 Communication Networks GNU GPL v2, GNU LIBRARY GPL v2. Updated: Thu Sep 1 21:34:04 1994 CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Author(s): Martin Junius Claudia Lechner Martin Steppler Michael Bueter Dirk Grunwald Stefan Becker Shahin Arefzadeh Wolfgang Olzem Christian Jung Oliver Fusss Manfred Richter Stephan Mehrholz Christoph Westermann Guenter Pusch Contact: Martin Junius Communication Networks Aachen University of Technology D-52056 Aachen Germany Tel: ++49-241-8790220 Keywords: Authors!Junius, C++!Code, CNCL, Event Driven Simulation, Fuzzy Logic!C++ Classes, Fuzzy Logic!Controllers, Fuzzy Logic!Expert System Shells, Fuzzy Logic!Inference Engines, Fuzzy Sets, Fuzzy Variables, GNU GPL, Random Number Generators, Statistical Evaluation References: Includes texinfo/info documentation. A. Mayer, B. Mechler, A. Schlindwein, and R. Walke, "Fuzzy Logic, Einf\"uhrung und Leitfaden zur praktischen Anwendung mit Fuzzy-Shell in C{\tt++}}", Addison-Wesley, Bonn, 1993.
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