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PROTEST: Prolog Expert System Building Tool

This is a cut-down version of the expert system building tool produced by Steven Salvini as part of his M.Sc. dissertation in 1986. PROTEST is a tool for building prototype expert systems. It accepts a knowledge base written in IF-THEN rules whose conditions and conclusions consist of object/attribute/value triples: rule1: if pain/duration/constant and pain/localisation/accurate and pain/'initiated by'/'gentle touch' and pain/character/'sudden onset' and pain/character/'intense & throbbing' and gingivae/swelling/present and gingivae/erythema/present and miscellaneous/'local lymphadenopathy'/present and pain/'initiated by'/'clenching, biting or chewing' and tooth/mobility/present then diagnosis/group/abscess with certainty(0.9). Conclusions may contain certainty factors. Inference can be either backward chaining or mixed. The former is normal backward chaining, giving a single firm conclusion if one has been deduced or else as a list of possible conclusions in order of their certainties. Mixed mode is a "mixed" inference strategy which first prompts you to enter your initial findings and then tries to deduce one or more of the goals. If a firm conclusion is not reached, it then tries to solve the problem by backward-chaining. After PROTEST has given a conclusion, you can ask to see its chain of reasoning. A sample knowledge base, for dental diagnosis, is included.
Origin: (
   as the file salvini.tar.Z

Version: 1-FEB-89 Requires: Prolog Ports: Runs in Edinburgh compatible Prologs. The terminal-control predicates are terminal-specific. CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Author(s): Steven Salvini Heriot-Watt University Keywords: Authors!Salvini, Expert System Shells, PROTEST, Prolog!Code References: A user manual is included.
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