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SIM: Software Similarity Tester

SIM tests lexical similarity in C, Pascal, Modula-2, and Lisp programs, and in natural language text. It is used - to detect potentially duplicated code fragments in large software projects, in program text but also in shell scripts and documentation - to detect plagiarism in software projects, educational and otherwise.

Version: 2.7 Requires: C!Code CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Author(s): Dick Grune Vrije Universiteit de Boelelaan 1081 1081 HV Amsterdam The Netherlands Tel: +31 20 548 5778 Keywords: Authors!Grune, C!Code, Educational Tools, Plagiarism, SIM, Software Similarity Tester, Tools References: Dick Grune and Matty Huntjens, "Het detecteren van kopie\(:en bij informatica-practica", Informatie (in Dutch) 31(11):864-867, November 1989.
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