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Miscellaneous AI-related Bibliographies

This directory contains miscellaneous AI-related bibliographies. Files that end in a ".bib" extension are in BibTeX format, ".bbl" or ".tex" in LaTeX format, ".ref" in Refer format, and ".txt" as free-form ascii text files. ai*.ref Leff's AI Bibliography ai?.bib BibTeX bibliography of AI, 1950-1988 or so. aids_ai.txt AIDS-related work in AI aij.tgz Artificial Intelligence v30n2-v65n1 aimag.tgz AI Magazine v7n4-v14n3 aitr.ref AI Technical Reports aix.tgz AI Expert v1n10-v8n6 anlp94.tgz BibTeX/DVI for 1994 ACL Conference on Applied NLP articles.ref AI Articles and Technical Reports backprop.bib Backpropagation bebrnsci.tgz Behavioral and Brain Sciences v14n1-v16n2 brnchaos.txt Chaos in the Brain buch_ai.tgz Bruce Buchanan's old AI Bibliography cellaut.txt Annotated Bibliography of Cellular Automata chalmers.tgz Chalmer's Philosophy of Mind and Cognition Bib cognitn.tgz Cognition v23n3-v49n3 cogsci.tgz Cognitive Science v11n1-v17n4 compling.tgz Computational Linguistics v14n3-v19n4 compsurv.tgz ACM Computing Surveys v17n4-v24n4 cpls.txt Constraint Based Languages cvgip_iu.tgz CVGIP: Image Understanding v53n3-v59n1 cybernet.txt Cybernetics cyc.txt Non-annotated bibliography cyc2.txt Non-annotated bibliography #2 (some overlap) cyc_anno.txt Annotated bibliography on the Cyc project. es_shlls.bib Expert System Shells expert.txt York Expert Systems Bibliography (P. H. Roosen-Runge) expsys.ref Expert Systems (Checking Rule-Based Systems) forecast.txt Forecasting stock prices with nnets. frames.txt Publicly Available Frame Systems Bibliography funlang.bib Functional Languages (Nikhil) funlog.txt Functional Programming and Logic Programming (Andy Cheese at the University of Nottingham, August 1986) fuzzyga.txt BibTeX bibliography of Fuzzy GAs (Antony Satydas, University of Alabama, October 1994) gatech.txt AI Bibliography for Qualifying Exams at Georgia Tech ginsberg.bbl Matt Ginsberg's AI Bibliography; Lots of KR hci.ref Human Computer Interaction hci_umtr.txt HCI at UMD humanfac.tgz Human Factors v28n4-v35n3 ieeeexp.tgz IEEE Expert v1n3-v8n5 itrkde.tgz IEEE Transactions of Knowledge and Data Engineering v3n1-v5n6 itrnnet.tgz IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks v2n2 itrpami.tgz IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence v9n1-v14n4 itrrob.tgz IEEE Journal of Robotics and Automation v3n1-v7n4 itrsmc.tgz IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics v16n4-v23n6 ijcv.tgz International Journal of Computer Vision v1n1-v6n1 ijmms.tgz International Journal of Man-Machine Studies v34n1-v39n6 jautreas.tgz Journal of Automated Reasoning v2n4-v11n3 jep_gnrl.tgz Journal of Experimental Psychology: General v115n4-v123n1 jep_lmc.tgz Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition v12n4-v20n2 jlogpro.tgz Journal of Logic Programming v5n1-v18n2 jrobosys.tgz Journal of Robotic Systems v8n1-v11n1 kolmogrv.txt Kolmogorov Complexity langs.txt The Programming Languages List lsc.tgz Lisp and Symbolic Computation v4n2 lopro8?.txt Logic Programming and Prolog mlearn.tgz Machine Learning v1n1-v11n2-3 mtrans.tgz Machine Translation v5n4-v6n4 menu_nl.bib Menu-Based Natural Language mit.txt Old copy of the MIT AI Lab bibliography models.txt Mental Models molbio.txt Molecular Biology and AI (NN, GA, GP). musicocr.txt OCR of Music Notation nc.tgz Neural Computation v1-v5 neu8801a.ref Neural Networks nn_intro.txt Introductions to Neural Networks nnet.ref NNets Bibliography from Zeidenberg's book nnet.tgz Neural Networks v4n1-v4n6 nnet_c.txt Cariani's NNets Bibliography Shar file of OOP bibliography in Refer format. pdp.txt Connectionism and Parallel Distributed Processing (from Indiana) percept.tgz Perception v16n1-v19n5 plan_abs.bbl Plan Abstraction planning.bib Planning psyrev.tgz Psychological Review v93n4-v101n1 prolog86.txt Prolog and Logic Programming qualia.txt Qualia (Philosophy) reflect.txt Reflection reflect2.txt Reflective Languages reports.txt Technical Reports (Outside US) reports2.txt Technical Reports (Inside US) rochestr.txt Univ. of Rochester Tech Reports sched.bbl AI and Scheduling scheme.txt Scheme (old) search.txt Search and Constraint Satisfaction (Richard Shu) speech.tgz Computer Speech and Language v5n1-v6n3 stanford.tex AI Bibliography for Qualifying Exams at Stanford symbmath.ref Symbolic Mathematics (Mike Clarkson) tampere.txt Technical Reports from Tampere theses.txt AI Theses time.bib Temporal Representation and Reasoning (Richard Shu) uka.tgz Large Collection of BibTeX Bibliographies from ut88_89.txt UTexas Technical Reports virtual.txt Virtual Reality vr.txt Virtual Reality vr_fix.ref Corrected Virtual Reality Bibliography vr_h.bib Hentschel's VR Bibliography wisc_tr.txt Univ. of Wisconsin Technical Reports Be sure to also look in the bib directory of each subarea for additional bibliographies. We plan on converting all of the files in this directory to BibTeX format and generally cleaning up the bibliographies.

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   some from CMU, some direct from the authors, some posted to

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