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ThingLabII: Constraint-based user interfaces

ThingLab II supports the exploration of constraint-based user interfaces. It consists of a set of classes that define constraints and constrainable objects called things. It also includes an incremental constraint satisfier, a module compiler, a construction-set style user interface, various tools, and an extensible set of primitive user interface building blocks.

Version: v2 (20-MAY-90) Requires: ParcPlace Smalltalk-80 version 2.3 Copying: Copyright (c) 1989-90 Regents of the University of Washington Use and copying for research and development purposes permitted. CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Author(s): Bjorn Freeman-Benson, John Maloney Contact: Alan Borning Keywords: Authors!Freeman-Benson, Authors!Maloney, Constraint Satisfaction, SkyBlue, ThingLab References: Michael Sannella, ``The SkyBlue Constraint Solver'', Technical Report UW CS TR 92-07-02, February, 1993. Maloney, J., Borning, A., and Freeman-Benson, B. "Constraint Technology for User Interface Construction in ThingLab II" In OOPSLA '89 Proceedings, pp. 381-388. Freeman-Benson, B. "A Module Mechanism for Constraints in Smalltalk" In OOPSLA '89 Proceedings, pp. 389-396. Freeman-Benson, B., Maloney, J., Borning, A. "The DeltaBlue Algorithm: An Incremental Constraint Hierarchy Solver" CACM 33:1 (January 1989), pp. 54-63. Available in expanded form as Department of Computer Science and Engineering Technical Report 89-08-06, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, 98195.
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