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CSPLIB: Routines for solving binary constraint satisfaction problems.

CSPLIB is a set of routines for solving binary constraint satisfaction problems.

Version: 29-APR-94 Requires: C Copying: If you use the software, please send a short email message to the author, and also send him any bug fixes or improvements. CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Author(s): Peter van Beek Department of Computing Science University of Alberta Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6G 2H1 Keywords: Arc Consistency, Authors!van Beek, Backjumping, Backmarking, Backtracking, CSPLIB, Constraint Satisfaction, Forward Checking, Path Consistency References: P. Prosser, "Hybrid Algorithms for the Constraint Satisfaction Problem", Computational Intelligence, 9:268-299, 1993.
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