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PCLIFE: Implementation of Conway's Game of Life for the PC.

This directory contains a fast implementation of Conway's Game of Life for the IBM PC. It allows a huge universe (524288 x 524288) and includes a large collection of patterns.

Version: 1.06 (1-MAY-94) Copying: The program is shareware; the patterns are public domain. (Shareware registration is $10 and entitles you to updates; for an extra $10, you'll get the Borland C++/8086 Assembly source code. On CompuServe you can register by typing GO SWREG and using shareware registration number 279.) CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Author(s): Alan W. Hensel <> RD 4 Box 87 Cranbury NJ 08512 USA Keywords: Artificial Life, Authors!Hensel, Conway's Game of Life, Life!Implementations, Life!Patterns, PCLIFE, Public Domain References: Berlekamp, Conway, and Guy: Winning Ways (for your Mathematical Plays), Volume 2, 1982. ISBN 0-12-091152-3. Dewdney, A.K.: The Armchair Universe, 1988. ISBN 0-7167-1939-8 pbk. Gardner, Martin: Wheels, Life, and Other Mathematical Amusements, 1983. ISBN 0-7167-1589-9. Gutowitz, Howard: Cellular Automata: Theory and Experiment, 1991. ISBN 0-262-57086-6. Poundstone, William: The Recursive Universe, 1985. ISBN 0-688-03975-8. Preston, Duff: Modern Cellular Automata Sigmund, Karl: Games of Life Wolfram, Stephen: Theory and applications of cellular automata, 1986. ISBN 9971-50-124-4 pbk. BYTE magazine: Sep 75, Oct 75, Dec 75, Jan 76, Dec 78, Jan 79, Apr 79, Oct 80, Jul 81. Complex Systems: Bays, Carter: (various articles on 3-D life) Apr 87, Dec 87, Dec 90, Feb 91, Oct 92. Recreational Computing: May/Jun 79. Reviews of Modern Physics, Vol. 55: Stephen Wolfram: "Statistical Mechanics of Cellular Automata." Scientific American: Oct 70, Nov 70, Jan 71, Feb 71, Mar 71, Apr 71, Nov 71, Jan 72, Dec 75, Mar 84, May 85, Feb 87, Aug 88, Aug 89, Sep 89, Jan 90. "LifeLine: A Quarterly Newsletter for Enthusiasts of John Conway's Game of Life", nos. 1-11, 1971-1973. These issues are probably still available. Write to: Robert Wainwright (editor), LifeLine, 12 Longvue Ave., New Rochelle, NY, 10804
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