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Artificial Life Bibliography

This directory contains bibliographies of work on artificial life, genetic algorithms, and related fields.

CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Author(s): Geoffrey F. Miller (biblio.txt) Peter M. Todd (biblio.txt) Keywords: Artificial Life!Documents, Authors!Goldberg, Authors!Miller.Geoffrey, Authors!Todd, Bibliographies Contains: and growth simulation", February 28, 1988. "An annotated bibliography of plant modeling lsys.bib Aristid Lindenmayer and Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz, IlliGAL Report No. 92008, July 1992. Todd, "Genetic Algorithms: A Bibliography", gabib.pgz David E. Goldberg, Kelsey Milman, and Christina and Artificial Life by Miller and Todd biblio.txt Bibliography of Genetic Algorithms, Evolution, alife.bib BibTeX file for Artificial Life References: ?
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