15-859 (21-801) Mathematical Games

General Information

This course will present a number of combinatorial games and puzzles, focusing on those for which there exists mathematical techniques for solving them. (See the list of topics below for more information.)

Class meetings are on Tuesday and Thursday from 3:00 to 4:20 in Porter Hall 225B. The instructors are Danny Sleator and Alan Frieze.

The class mailing address is sleator+games@cs.cmu.edu. Here is the list.


The grading for the class will be based on a Midterm Exam, on a project, and on a final exam. (The weekly recommended homework problems will not count toward your grade. See the problems below.) Students have the option of doing a project, or taking the final exam, or both (only one will be counted toward your grade however). If you intend to do a project, you should submit a one-page project proposal describing the work you intend to do.

Important Dates

Topics Covered

     Lecture Notes: Here's a directory containing all the lecture notes we've accumulated.

Optional Homework Assignments:

We recommend that you do these assignments and turn them in. This will help you learn the material, and engage in class discussions about the problems. We'll do quick checks of your solutions, but not nuanced grading.

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