Welcome to the WWW homepage for CMU 15-849C, "Electronic Nanotechnology."


Basic Information

The course is being lead by Professors Seth Copen Goldstein and David Yaron.

Lectures are Monday and Wednesday at 10:30-12:20 p.m. in WeH 4615A.  There are no official Recitations scheduled.

New Information

When necessary, we will place important information here. So check the web pages frequently.


The lithographically-produced CMOS transistor has been the key technology that has enabled the information revolution. However, in the near future the limitations, both technical and economic, introduced by lithographic fabrication may inhibit further decreases in feature size. Electronic nanotechnology is a promising alternative to CMOS for constructing circuits with densities in the billions of devices per cm2.

The goal of this course is to provide a broad understanding of the many fields that are involved in electronic nanotechnology. After taking the course students should be able to read and get an intuition about a paper concerning electronic nanotechnology even if it is not in their field. We will cover areas in chemistry, physics, materials, fabrication, electrical engineering, and computer science.

Course Requirements and Grading

Your participation in the course will involve the following forms of activity: attending and participating in lectures, reading the texts, scribing lecture notes, leading discussions, and a project. Each lecture will have an assigned scribe. The scribe will create notes for the lecture which will be posted on the web in a timely fashion.

In general, we would like everyone to do their part to make this an enjoyable interactive experience (one-way communication is no fun). Students are also required to give a 20 minute talk on a research paper (See Course Schedule).

The course grade will be based on class participation (40%), the quality of the scribe notes (20%), and the project (40%).