Course Schedule

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1/21 Introduction Seth  
1/23 Nanoelectronic Architecture Seth P. Stanley-Marbell
NanoFabrics: Spatial Computing Using Molecular Electronics
Architectures for Molecular Electronic Computers
1/28 Basic Chemistry David Ben Janesko
1/30 Donor Acceptor Model David Dan Vogel
1973 Paper by Mark Ratner
2/11 Basic Electrical Engineering David Greve Jae-Ho Kim
2/13 Nanoscale Devices David Greve Jaiyong Le
What Makes a Good Computer Device?, R.W. Keyes, Science(Also, local low-res pdf)
Architectures for molecular electronic computers (MITRE, July 1999)
DRAFT MOSFET chapter from Textbook, David Greve
2/18 chemical self-assembly Bruce Armitage  
2/20 Conduction & Self-Assembly Bruce Armitage  
Perspectives: It's All About Contacts
Reproducible Measurement of Single-Molecule Conductivity
Conversion of light energy to proton potential in liposomes by artifical photsynthetic reaction centres
2/25 Scanning Probe Methods Randy Feenstra Mahim Mishra
Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Atomic Force Microscopy: Application to Biology and Technology
2/27 Defect Tolerance Seth  
Scalable Defect Tolerance
Fault Tolerant NanoBoxes
3/4 Nanoelectronic devices David Danny Lam
Toward Nanocomputers, Greg Y. Tseng and James C. Ellenbogen
Logic Gates and Computation from Assembled Nanowire Building Blocks, Y. Huang, X. Duan, Y. Cui, L. Lauhon, K. Kim, and C. Lieber
Logic Circuits with Carbon Nanotube Transistors, A. Bachtold, P. Hadley, T. Nakanishi, and C. Dekker
3/6 More devivces  
Field-Effect Modulation of the Conductance of Single Molecules, J. Schon, H. Meng, and Z. Bao
3/11 Fault Tolerant and networks Bruce Maggs Mahim Mishra
Reconfiguring arrays with faults part I: worst-case faults, R. J. Cole, B. M. Maggs, and R. K. Sitaraman, SIAM Journal on Computing, Vol. 26, No. 6, December, 1997, pp. 1581-1611
3/13 More Fault Tolerant Networks Bruce Maggs Suraj Sudhir
3/18 Electron Transfer David Yaron  
3/20 Student Presentation: Architectures M Mishra  
Array-Based Architecture for Molecular Electronics, Andre Dehon
3/25 QCA Stanley, Vogel  
Memory in Motion: A Study of Storage Structures in QCA, Frost etal
A Potentially Implementable FPGA for Quantum Dot Cellular Automata, Niemier etal
3/27 QCA Gupta  
A Device Architecture for Computing with Quantum Dots, Lent and Tougaw
4/1 Spring Break
4/3 Spring Break
4/8 student presentations Kim, Jai  
Growth of nanowire superlattice structures for nanoscale photonics and electronics, Gudiken etal (Nature 2/7/02)
Design of Arithmetic Circuits Using Resonant Tunneling Diodes and Threshold Logic, Pacha and Goser
4/10 Electro-Chemistry Colin Horwitz  
Room-temperature negative differential resistanace in nanoscale molecular junctions
4/15 student presentations Danny  
Molecular random access memory cell
4/17 student presentations Lu, Sudhir  
Unconventional methods for fabricating and patterning nanostructures
Towards Nanocomputer Architecture, Beckett and Jennings
4/22 student presentations Mishra, Janesko  
Printing meets lithography: Soft approaches to high-resolution patterning, Michel etal
Programmable and autonomous computing machines made of biomolecules, Benenson etal (Nature 11/22/01)
4/24 student presentations  
4/29 student presentations Mishra  
Aspects of Systems and Circuits for Nanoelectronics, Goser et al
5/9 Poster Session, 2pm, Wean Hall 4623

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