Course Information

Instructors: Place/Time: GHC 4401, TR 12:00 Noon - 1:20pm.
  • A: Wed 10:30 AM (DH 1217) - Zak Wise (zaw AT andrew DOT cmu DOT edu)
  • B: Wed 11:30 AM (DH 1217) - Wendy Hu (whu AT andrew DOT cmu DOT edu)
  • C: Wed 01:30 PM (DH 1217) - Adam Blank (adamblan AT andrew DOT cmu DOT edu)
  • D: Wed 02:30 PM (DH 1217) - Ameya Velingker (avelingk AT cs DOT cmu DOT edu)
TA Office Hours:
  • Zak Wise - Monday 1:00-3:00PM (GHC 6th floor whiteboard tables)
  • Wendy Hu - Monday 11:30AM-1:30PM (GHC 4122/4126)
  • Adam Blank - Tuesday 7:30-9:30PM (GHC 6th floor whiteboard)
  • Ameya Velingker - Tuesday 4:30-6:30 PM (GHC 6211)
Course Secretary: Cleah Schlueter, GHC 4113


  • GLM: Review for the Final Wednesday 7-9PM GHC 4102
  • GLM: As posted there is a midterm on Tuesday. You may use one page of notes. The topics covered are: Graph Algorithms, Computational Geometry, Linear Programming, Duality, and Maximum Flow.
  • GLM: Homework 6 is out.
  • GLM: Homework 3 has been updated. In particular, in problem 3 typos were corrected and in part 3c full credit for a partial solution.
  • GLM: I will hold an office hour on Wednesday February 1 from 2-3PM.
  • GLM: There as been an updated version of homework 2 posted. Problems 1 and 2 have been change to be less vague. Problem 3 now has an example.
  • The class is hosted on two sites: Standard AFS site and Adam Blank's Color My Graph Site.
  • As Adam's site gets more mature we will move to his site.
  • Welcome to 15-451 Algorithms. Please take a minute to review the course policies.