Wang Ling
PhD Student

Language Technologies Institute
School of Computer Science
Carnegie Mellon University

Spoken Language Systems Lab, INESC-ID
Instituto Superior Tecnico

Greetings! I am a Phd student in the Dual Degree Carnegie Mellon Portugal PhD Program, between Carnegie Mellon University and Instituto Superior Tecnico. Currently, I am working in the Language Technologies Institute in Carnegie Mellon University. It is my privilage to be working with my advisors Alan Black (LTI), Chris Dyer (LTI) and Isabel Trancoso (INESC-ID), to whom I hold my deepest respect.

I am interested in applying statistics and machine learning methods in Natural Language Processing tasks. Currently, my work addresses the problem of Machine Translation in Microblogs, such as Twitter and Facebook. I am interested in (1) methods to crawl large amounts of in-domain parallel data from Microblogs, (2) character-based word representation models, (3) Deep learning models for NLP and MT.

A brief note about about my talks: I will happily share my slides for educational purposes, so use feel free to use them. However, I tend to put very little textual information in my slides, since I personally find it more entertaining and understandable to look at illustrations, while listening to the speaker. So please keep in mind that the slides themselves might not contain the complete representation of the work they describe. Also, I would be happy if an acknowledgment is given when using any of my material. Thanks!