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Yury Smirnov (alternatively Yuri Smirnoff)



I used to be a graduate student in the CMU School of Computer Science
working with Manuela Veloso within the Interdisciplinary Program
of Algorithms, Combinatorics and Optimization. My main area of research is
"Cross-fertilization between AI, CS Theory and Operations Research."

In Spring 96 I presented the Thesis Proposal on that topic, on May 28, 97 I defended
the THESIS on Hybrid Algorithms for On-Line Search and Combinatorial Optimization Problems.
Here is a list of selected papers.

These are some of the pictures from Commencement-98: At the Brunch; Familiar Terrain

I also enjoy "smart" hackin' from GUI to animations of efficient algorithms.
Here is the REF to the Page of Snapshots taken from my Software Packages.

If you are interested in my on-line resume for industry(HTML),
or resume for academia(Postscript), you may get one.

This is a link to the Job Market for recent PhD's in Computer Science for 95/96 and 96/97.

My update of the Computer Science Academic Job Market for 96/97 school year.

May, 97 I got a job at the RedPepper division of PeopleSoft Logo located in San Mateo, California.
The job concerns planning and scheduling (off-line, on-line, real-time), constraint satisfaction and optimization with applications to manufacturing.

In Spring98 I joined Impresse Corp - a start-up specializing in Print Automation, where I was architecting Supply Chain Planning.

In Spring99 I joined Calico Commerce - a new sparkling IPO specializing in eCommerce in general and configuration in particular, where I was a Staff Architect.

In June 2000 I launched Akonite as a CEO of a start-up focused on advanced technologies of Supply Chain and Design Planning Optimization, eProcurement and Strategic Sourcing. Akonite implemented a solution to one of the most controversial problems of Manufacturing Modeling, namely the separation/unification of BOMs and Routings. Akonite also solved a long-standing problem of bundle and near-bundle recognition with hierarchical inheritance and a bunch of other breakthroughs.

Please, visit our web site at

This is a ref to AI/OR-benchmark problems.

This is a ref to the list of AI Challenges presented at AAAI-96.



This is a hyperlink to an ecommerce (e-commerce) page on Kitchen Appliances.

This is a vinegret of personal unrelated ref's.

This is my family: My wife and Sons Nick and Michael .

Pointer to Salary calculator that adjusts one's earning across the US.

Pointer to my SportRefsZone - a collection of REF's to other's Sport Pages,
list of European and Russian records in Track and Field after the controvercial split of CCCP.

Here is a Russian Page - courtesy of CEMA XABKI/IH


Life in Pittsburgh

For those interested in life in Pittsburgh
(which is much better than life in Hell).

Life in St-Petersburg

If anyone is interested in the beauty of life in St-Petersburg (where I came from) here is the gallery of St-Petersburg's day and night views graciously pointed by Slava Borisov who also graduated from Specialized Physics and Mathematics High School N45 attached to Leningrad State University and from the Department of Mathematics of Leningrad State University. As a side note, I was told recently that the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics was named after me.


Akonite, Inc.
465 Fairchild Dr., Suite 232
Mountain View, CA 95043
Work: (650)691-6970 x101
Fax: (650)691-6981