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I snarfed many of the articles in this collection off the net. I should say that I do not agree with everything other people have written, but I did find it interesting, so it is included here.

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Coming Out

The process of coming out is not well understood by the straight world. Coming out has been compared to being reborn or having an immense weight lifted. Some have said it is a time when a life of deception and lies is abandoned for a life of honesty.

Much of the gay rights movement is involved with this issue. Whether it is gays in the military, domestic partner benefits, civil rights legislation, etc, the issue at the center of the struggle is the goal of creating a safe and nurturing environment where people can be honest about their sexual orientation.

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Domestic Partnerships

Families that are comprised of anything but a married man and wife face much discrimination in our society. Even though only about 20% of American families meet the definition of a traditional family with a husband and a wife that stays at home with the children, our society has been slow to respond to the changes.

One method that has gained popularity for dealing with same-sex couples and their families is domestic partnership. Until states begin to sanction same-sex unions as they do opposite-sex unions, domestic partnerships offer employers and local municipalities a remedy to the state's discrimition. Definions of domestic partnerships often require the couple to state that they live together, share responsibility for each others welfare, and require documentation of financial entanglements, such as a shared morgage or bank account. If you'd like to learn more about his issue, visit my domestic partners collection.

Domestic Partner page
I also maintain the internet domestic partners mailing list. If you'd like to subscribe or get more information, click here to send mail to majordomo-domestic@cs.cmu.edu. For information, the body of your message should be info domestic. To subscribe, the body of the message should be subscribe domestic user@host


Gays, lesbians and bisexuals have played important roles throughout history. Whether its Alan Turing's contributions to the Allied war effort during World War II, Walt Whitman's influence on modern American poetry, or Eleanor Roosevelt's secret relationships with women, gays and lesbians have had an influence.

gay and lesbianhistory page section on gays in the military

Scientific evidence for a genetic basis of sexual orientation

There is a longstanding debate about whether human sexuality is a learned trait or is pre-programmed. I highly recommend Dean Hamer's book The Science of Desire for anyone interested in this subject. The articles in this page were collected from the net.

scientific inquiry into the origins of human sexuality.


In contemporary society, may members of the radical right use religion as an excuse for discrimination against gay men and lesbians. On the other hand, many religious groups are accepting of gay men and lesbians, and many gay men and lesbians have found ways to explore their spirituality. This section explores these issues.

religious articles

Political and legal

Within the past 25 years, a number of political and legal issues have come to the forefront of American politics. This section deals with issues of privacy, gay rights and anti-gay rights initiatives, same-sex marriages and other political issues. Articles published in the internet journal National Journal of Sexual Orientation Law are also available from this page.

politcal and legal articles


  • Hanky codes
  • Soc.motss is a netnews group for Members Of The Same Sex. In the course of its evolution, people began to devise codes to describe particular subcultures (of gay men). The first of these was the bear code. Others have followed.

  • HIV

  • Safer sex homepage
  • A study of the risk of unprotected oral sex.
  • Newspaper article on infection rate among young gay men in Pittsburgh.
  • The TB/HIV Research Lab at Brown University

  • web surfers are us

    Pages I maintain

  • The Domestic Partner Information
  • The Pink Triangle was a symbol used by the Nazi's to identify gay men in some concentration camp. This link takes you to pages that document this history.
  • Western Pennsylania Freedom to Marry Coalition homepage
  • National Organizations

  • The Queer Resources Directory.
  • Human Rights Campaign website
  • National Gay and Lesbian Task Force website
  • Freedom To Marry homepage
  • soc.motss homepage
  • Lesbian avengers page
  • National Organization for Women homepage (includes lesbian rights information).
  • Equal Marriage Rights page
  • Hollywood Supports homepage
  • Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Discrimination homepage
  • Youth Assistance Organziation Queer Youth Resources directory
  • Deaf Resource Center sponsored by CTN, the national magazine for deaf lesbians, gays and bisexuals.
  • Log Cabin Republicans pages
  • Service Members Legal Defense Network
  • Lesbian Disabled Veterans of AmericaHomepage and mailing address
  • P.E.R.S.O.N. Project a project for gay youth and education activism
  • Parents Friends and Families of Gays and Lesbians National website, and PFLAG Talk and TGS PFLAG Website
  • ACLU's Gay and Lesbian Resource Center
  • Lesbian.org Promoting Lesbian Visibility on the net
  • Children of Lesbians and Gays Everywhere A group made up of children raised by lesbian and gay parents
  • Gay and Lesbian Retiring, an organization for senior gay and lesbian citizens
  • State and local information

  • Colorado's Community Directory for networking of gay, lesbian and bisexual Coloradans.
  • Erie Gay Community Newsletter, Erie PA
  • Out in Florida page
  • League of Gay and Lesbian Voters of Pennsylvania homepage
  • Pittsburgh Gay Net and Pittsburgh's Gay and Lesbian Community Center
  • Rhode Island Alliance for Gay and Lesbian Civil Rights
  • Parents, Friends and Families of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG), Pittsburgh Chapter
  • Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force
  • College groups/courses

  • cmuOUT homepage
  • LGB History, Politics and Culture a graduate course at the City University of New York, Hunter College
  • Heath Buckmaster's Rainbow Room at Appalachian State Univ.
  • UC Berkeley gopher
  • Queer Resource Center at Cal State, Northridge
  • Queers at UIUC
  • Queers for Affirmative Action
  • Harvard Gay and Lesbian Review
  • International

  • Brighton Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Pride 1995's homepage
  • London Pride homepage
  • New Zealand Queer Resources
  • Issue pages

  • Stonewall Images
  • The TB/HIV Research Lab at Brown University
  • Scarlet Q pages, regarding the heresy trial of Episcopol Bishop Righer
  • American Psychological Association's Position on Homosexuality at Creative Technology Group
  • When Victor Umpierre died of AIDS in 1991, his family, not satisfied with half the estate, took everything from his bereaved lover. Five years in court and Robert Cockburn is still waiting for justice. The family have the properties, the business, the Art collection and all of Robert's assets. Why have they got away with this? Why do they have everything and Robert nothing? page tells the story.
  • Bridges Across The thesis of the Bridges-Across Project is that it is not necessary for people to agree on debates about disputed biblical passages. What Bridges-Across preaches is that it is necessary for church members to come together as family. Because Bridges-Across is for people of all faiths, and without faith, we are not saying that everyone should come to Christ. Elizabeth Town, PA website from Bridges Across.
  • Greg Havican's GLBO-centered Film List
  • Greg Havican's Capital Leatherman, Austin
  • The Grapevine Tribune Activist News Website
  • The Rainbow Query
  • Tribal Voice Lesbian History pages
  • Gay and Lesbian Issue Page
  • Commercial

  • Out Magazine gopher
  • The Washington Blade
  • The Advocate
  • OutNow!
  • FaT Girl -- a commercial site specializing in women who like fat women.
  • GAYWEB a commercial gay site.
  • OUT Magazine website
  • Lambda Links by the Mystic Mushroom Inc
  • D.Y.K.E.
  • Q San Francisco
  • A gay travel guide
  • Gay, lesbian and bi friendly resorts in the Redwoods
  • Outlines a Chicago based monthly mag
  • T-shirt company specializing in gay and lesbian designs
  • The Rise and Fall of Gay Culture, a book about gay and lesbian issues
  • Out in the Mountains Vermont's gay newspaper
  • Other

  • Cyber Queers
  • Skepsis gay/lesbian/bi info
  • a list of queer resources on the internet
  • The paradox virtual meeting place for queer folk.
  • African American Lesbian and Gay web site
  • Angle Web a site for gay creativity
  • Sean Horton's New York Stories
  • Self Help and Psychology Magazine's Gay/Lesbian/Bi/Transgendered Department
  • Queergate's gay links page
  • Gay cartoons

  • things I haven't had a chance to put into this menu yet.

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