Richard McDaniel -- Research Summary

Degrees Held:
University of Virginia
B.S. Computer Science with Highest Honors, May 1991

Brad Myers

Research Interests:
Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), User Interfaces, Programming by Demonstration, Visual Programming, Computer Graphics

Description of Research:
Presently, I am working on a project called Marquise. Marquise is a user interface development environment which uses programming by demonstration. The premise of Marquise is that programming by demonstration can be used to create an entire, working interface in a very short amount of time. Marquise adds two modes to the standard Build and Run modes of typical interface generators. In Train mode (sometimes called Stimulus), the developer shows the sorts of events and actions to which the interface will respond by directly mimicking the cursor and keyboard actions that the user will perform. In Show mode (sometimes called Response), the developer shows how the interface responds to events by directly drawing the interface's feedback using Marquise's built-in graphical editor. Marquise incorporates all the different demonstrations gathered from the developer to generate a complete program interface. Because there is no written programming involved Marquise can create a working interface in very little time.

Marquise is a part of the GARNET project. The Marquise InterCHI paper is online and can be viewed along with the other Garnet papers.