This is the hypertext version of my "real" plan file . Its disadvantage is that this is probably a little out of date, and you can't check to see when I last read some mail or what my current reading selection is. The advantage is that it is ever so much cooler, being hypertext. Enjoy (perhaps)!

Login name: phoebe                      In real life: Phoebe Sengers
Project: De/construction of the rational subject (pref. using big words)
Graduate Student, Computer Science and Cultural Theory

Office: 	   WeH 4610, (412) 268-3608
Advisors:          Joe Bates, Camilla Griggers, Merrick Furst
Projects:          Oz, Woggle, Soar (SoarWoggles)
Top Theorists:     Deleuze/Guattari, Freud, Bataille, Nietzsche, Wittgenstein
Inside Interests:  A.I. / ALife / Cultural Studies / Language / Philosophy
                    o Insanity / Autonomous Agents / words -
                      "I am unable to give an account of what I really
                       do, everything is mechanical in me and is done 
                       unconsciously.  I am nothing but a machine."
                                             - a schizophrenic patient
Outside Interests: Books, ultimate, accordions, the
environment, politics 

 "Language is the house of being." (Heidegger)