Where I Get Some Exercise

I like many sports. My biggest favorite is Ultimate frisbee. I started the Swiggin' Flickers team with Faye Miller and Robbie Warner in the Pittsburgh Summer Ultimate League. My Swiggin' Flickers info pack - everything beginners need to know to play frisbee - is now also available translated into French
  • here. Here are some other places where you can find out about Ultimate:
  • George Ferguson's Ultimate page
  • The Frisbee Page
  • UPA Rules of Ultimate, Ninth Edition
  • Teaching Beginners How To Throw Forehand.
  • The Pittsburgh Ultimate Scene
  • Pittsburgh Ultimate Frisbee Summer League
  • Iron Mike's Ultimate page
  • Find a team near you at Ultilinks' Teams Section
  • I also like to go running with my good friend Stephanie Byram. A couple years ago I actually won the department's Pretty Good Race! Since then I have been injured and/or sick...

    For commuting and for fun, I often bike. Here are some more bike-related pointers:

  • Biking in Pittsburgh
  • The Global Cycling Network (VeloNet)
  • CYBER CYCLERY: An Internet Bicycling Resource
  • Bianchi World Wide Web (I love my Bianchi!)
  • I was recently hit by a car while biking (they ran a red light), so let me just remind you - please ride carefully, use a light at night, and by all means wear a helmet!! (get your lights and helmets from Bike Nashbar, they are the best and you can now order on-line).

    I also like to go hiking and see the beautiful outdoors. If you do, too, check out my environmental pages.

    In high school I used to do orienteering.