NLP-III (Fall 1996 - Spring 1997)

Philosophy Department

Instructor: Nancy Green, Visiting Scientist, Robotics Institute, CMU

  • Office: DH 3327 and BH 148A
  • Phone: 268-8283
  • Office hours (Fall semester): By appointment
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    Table of Contents:

  • Information on Next Meeting
  • Course Description
  • Course Objectives
  • Class Meetings
  • Syllabus
  • Calendar
  • Proposal Information
  • Masters Project Requirements (1994-1995)
  • Class Participants
  • Other Contact Information

    Information on Next Meeting

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    Course Description

    The Computational Linguistics MS Project is carried out under the supervision of three courses: Directed Research I (Fall), Directed Research II (Spring), and NLP III (Fall-Spring). NLP III is primarily concerned with the design, implementation, documentation, presentation, and demonstration of the software programming component of the Project. Group and/or individual meetings with the instructor will be held several times during the Fall and more often in the Spring semester.

    Course Objectives

    The overall objective is to provide guidance to enable the student to successfully complete his or her project by the end of the Spring semester. Guidance will be provided in

    Class Meetings

  • 25 September 1996
  • 29 October 1996


    (under construction for Spring 1997)


    Fall (tentative dates)
  • October 28: Declaration of advisor, committee, and topic (abstract)
  • Weeks of November 18 and 25: Proposal rehearsals
  • Week of December 2: Proposal presentations (including written parts)

    Proposal Information

  • Memo of 12 Nov 1996 on proposal (schedule, format)
  • General information on Masters Project
  • Example proposal

    Class Participants

  • Gregory Aist
  • Rosemary Ellen Jones
  • Yuriko Murata
  • Maria Teresa (Maite) Taboada
  • Klaus Zechner

    Other Contact Information

  • David Evans, Professor of Philosophy and CS (
  • Wilfried Sieg, Philosophy Department Head (

    Miscellaneous useful information

    Possible meeting time slots this fall:
  • Tuesday 4-5
  • Wednesday 330-530
  • Thursday 4-5
    Possible meeting places: SC 224

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