E.N. Elnozahy (Mootaz)

  • Assistant professor, department of computer science, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Office: Currently on a leave of absence
  • Address:
    School of Computer Science
    Carnegie Mellon University
    5000 Forbes Avenue
    Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3891
  • Tel: 412-268-3828
  • Fax: 412-268-5576
  • Research Interests

    Distributed systems, fault tolerance, operating systems, mobile computing, and architecture:

  • Research Papers
  • Note: Some of the papers are protected by copyright law. ACM and IEEE hold the copyright and allow free access to the papers provided that you abide by the copyright rules and do not use these papers for commercial purposes.

    Current Projects

    I am now with the IBM Austin Research Lab. I am doing work in various areas including security and tier-0 systems.

    Previous Projects

  • Efficient monitoring of operating systems
  • Software-controlled energy management
  • Anatidae: Application-transparent fault tolerance in a standard object-oriented distributed system
  • HANFS: A Highly Available Network File System.
  • Manetho: Efficient fault tolerance for parallel applications running on a workstation cluster.
  • Fun

  • The Mootaz Machine (tm) (nerd humor)
  • Microsoft Marketing policy (in C)
  • A Memo from Ellen Saxon
  • A Guide to Research in Computer Science