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We are now setting up a page of links to "people in computer architecture". If you would like to contribute a link to your home page, please fill out the three-line form found here.

Table of Contents

The purpose of this page is serve as index to information relevant to computer architecture researchers. We plan to point to information rather than store it locally. We will include all submissions that seem appropriate. Thus, inclusion should not be interpreted as an endorsement of a contribution's accuracy or importance.

Architecture Groups and Projects

Calls for Participation




Calls for Papers





Commercial Information

More Technical

Less Technical

Computer architecture-related books

Architecture-related employment opportunities



Contributing to this Page

Send mail to Include the category under which you would like the item placed, the text of the link name, and the link pointer. E.g.:

Architecture Groups and Projects
University of Wisconsin-Madison Computer Architecture

This page was created (and is maintained) by Doug Burger and Mark Hill, University of Wisconsin-Madison Computer Sciences Department.

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